Keto Walnut Joy Fat Bombs

Well, it’s been awhile.
Something happens to me over the holidays, and I just lose all motivation to cook anything. My poor family. Actually, my family (kids) enjoy it. A lot less, “Hey, try this!” And a lot more, “Pizza and quesadillas for dinner, kids!” Ugh. I struggle to stay focused during the month of December. School is busy. Life is busy. Junk is everywhere. And I refuse to make myself feel ashamed or guilty. I indulge and enjoy every moment with zero regrets. Food should never make you feel guilt or shame. Never. Just pick yourself up and get refocused. Ya can’t live in food-hedonism forever!
I’d like to say I don’t really set New Year’s Resolutions, but let’s be honest. We all go through a “let’s reset this mindset and get off the crazy train” by the time January 1st rolls around. I waited until January 14 to actually commit, but who’s keeping track?! The weather has been so cold and dreary here since November, and the gloominess was just eating away at my motivation. I upped my Vitamin D and kicked it into gear. Hut, hut! Here we go!
When I’m resetting I have to keep something quick and easy at my fingertips to curb that sweet tooth. Many people will avoid any sweets at all when recommitting to Keto, but I have to have something or else I’ll kill everyone  not be kind.
One of my favorite candy bars is an almond joy. I mean, chocolate, coconut, and a perfectly placed little almond on top…what’s not to love?! I have totally recreated the flavor minus all the sugar and gunk. Gunk is a scientific term. I promise. Here I actually used walnuts, but it tastes just like an almond joy.  Trust me. The most difficult part of this process is waiting the full 30 mins to allow them to set up.


1/2 cup walnuts
4 oz. unsweetened Baker’s chocolate
2/3 cup Organic refined coconut oil (Refined has no coconut flavor. Use unrefined if you want more coconut flavor)
½ cup Unsweetened finely shredded coconut
3 drops of Stevia glycerite
2/3 cup Swerve
1/8 tsp Pink salt
1 tsp Vanilla

Add all ingredients except walnuts into a heavy duty pot and place on medium to medium low heat. Chocolate is very fickle. It will burn and/or seize up easily. Treat it like a delicate flower. Always.
Once it has melted completely poor into any size mold you have. I used a 12 tin muffin pan with silicon liners. I HIGHLY recommend silicon liners. If you don’t have them, buy them. If you don’t buy them, grease your pans with butter or oil as if your life depends on it. Or, add parchment paper to your pan of choice. But really, just get silicon liners.
Poor the melted chocolate deliciousness in a cup to drink into each mold and top with chopped nuts of choice.  I used walnuts here, but any nut would work.  Place in the fridge for 30 mins, or if you’re like me and can’t wait…the freezer for 10.  Enjoy!



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