Eatin’ All The Meat

I have been slowly transitioning towards eating Carnivore for a few months now.  The change to 100% Carni has been smooth because of the amount of time I spent prepping both mentally and physically.  And yes, there is mental preparation that goes into changing such a large portion of one’s life!  I knew in my head the day I would begin my journey.  I actually tried to start a couple of days early (and succeeded for the most part), but I just could NOT get my Lily’s chocolate and mixed nuts snack out of my head!!  But Sunday when I woke up it was as if a switch had been flipped, and I was all in.  My mind was prepared to start on January 19 and not a day before.  It helps that all the nuts and chocolate are G O N E.  (Help yourself by getting rid of any and all temptations.)

Day 1 went well.  It was a busy day preparing for the week.  I managed to crush my workout at OTF without my beloved pre-workout.  That was a huge hurdle for me, and I flew over it.  Again, it’s all about breaking mindsets that have us bound to certain things. I loathe the idea that a food or drink item has such a hold over me that I can’t think of giving it up.  That’s bondage.  I want no part of that.  So I’ll say it again louder for those in the back that didn’t hear me…If you feel like you can not give up a particular food or drink because you love it so very much you are in bondage.  Break free.  You’ll feel better.

Day 1 eating looked like this:

SOLE water immediately after waking followed by chugging lots more water.  I then had a small cup of black coffee, followed by a double shot espresso with a  smidge of heavy cream frothed.  This was huge for me.  I only want black coffee, unsweetened OR stevia accompanying any type of cream.

My first meal was around 9 am.  I fried an egg in some butter and had two small burgers with it.  That kept me full and totally satisfied until around 1 pm.  My OTF class started at 2:30, so I wanted a little something on my tummy before that.  I ate 2 boiled eggs and drank a Nitro Cold Brew with a splash of heavy cream.  I was nervous about working out for the first time without my pre-workout, so I planned that coffee strategically.  I don’t feel like I needed it, so I will likely not do that again.

I got home from the gym and errands around 4:30, and started prepping some food for the week.  I had a chuck roast cooking my Instant Pot, so I shredded that all up.  I browned each side in duck fat before cooking it.  Game. Changer.  Duck fat adds so much flavor!  My next idea was formed from a recipe in The Carnivore Cookbook.  (Maria and her husband Craig did an incredible job creating this book.  I cannot say enough amazing things about it!) I stuffed burgers with Brie cheese and wrapped them in prosciutto.  I cooked them in my air fryer, and oh. my. word.  They were amazing!  The original recipe used chicken instead of beef, but I’m just craving all the beef right now.  I ate one and a half of another.

I try to intermittent fast several days a week.  I do it differently than most though.  I typically stop eating around 2 pm and will start the next day whenever I’m hungry.  I don’t do it on the weekends at all, but I feel like the farther along I get with Carnivore the more I will practice it simply because I’m so satiated and not hungry.  #benefits

Today is Day 2.  I’m busy again today, which is great.  I feel like the busier I am in the beginning the smoother the transition will be.  Again, started with SOLE water and chugging lots of plain water, followed by black coffee.  It’s insanely cold here today, and I had carline duty at school, so I made me a bulletproof coffee with butter, MCT oil, and collagen to have after carline was done.  NO STEVIA.  That’s a biggie for me, guys.  I like by bullet coffee to be slightly sweetened. Maybe it’s the work I’ve been putting in to change my mindset, but it’s good without it!  I packed me two boiled eggs and some ribeye topped with butter to eat if/when I get hungry.

During this journey I plan to write a lot about things I’m noticing and experiencing.  I started with a 34 lb weight loss and a goal of around 20 more.  We shall see.  Honestly, I’m not stressing over the scale.  Incidentally, I think that in itself has played a big role in the loss I have already experienced.  I haven’t been stressing or obsessing over it at all.  It has simply been a byproduct of eating well and exercising.

My husband has obviously watched me have success and decided to join me.  He’s already down 8 lbs in like 2 hrs.  *hard eye roll; slow hand clap*  Men, I swear.  They can just think about losing weight and it happens.  Meanwhile, we’re over here having the babies, gaining 80 lbs, and still hoping to lose the last 10 lbs of baby weight by the time the little one graduates high school.

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