Over the Plateau

I’m on day 8.  Eight days of eating like a true (wo)man of the south – meat, meat, and a little cheese.  Threw in a few eggs here and there to make things exciting. Keepin’ the ole taste buds wonderin’, ya know?  I managed to drop another 3 lbs this week, which brings my total to 37.  I’m excited about getting over my little plateau.  My husband, on the other hand, has lost a grand total of 16 lbs in 11 days.  Eleven.  (He started transitioning a few days before we officially started.) Now, he went from a carb-loadin-on-the-weekends-like-he-had-a-Monday-marathon-eatin’-kinda-man, to a strict carnivore. No big shock that he would lose some LB’s, but 16?!  Men, I swear.  You’d think that would be the one special super power that God would give women, but nope.  Not so.  Lucky. them. I’m fine.  I’m totally not bitter.  Good for men.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t make it past day 3.  I wanted something sweet SO badly. I contemplated ways to make everything sweet. Turns out there’s no way to turn anything on the carnivore diet sweet with the ingredients available. I just made the choice to keep busy and tell myself it simply wouldn’t be worth it.  I have goals.  I have an end goal in mind, and I’m determined to fight for it.

By day 4 I physically felt much better!  My headache was gone, and I wasn’t dreaming of diving head first into a sea of Lily’s chocolate chips.  By day 5 I woke up and literally didn’t think of fixing my coffee for over an hour.  I chugged a bunch of water and did laundry.  At 5:30.  In the morning.  I had tapped into the new level of energy and drive and motivation.  I fully expected to hit a lull in the afternoon, but alas.  No lull.  More sustained energy.  And not the kind that you feel from drinking loads of caffeine.  It’s weird.  I’ve read about it and heard people talk about this phenomenon.  It’s true that properly fueling your body can, in fact, lead to a natural type of high.  Like, I can totally do all the things without crashing onto the couch and dreaming of bedtime.  Maybe all this research is correct.  Carbs aren’t the real energy source.  It’s fat and protein that fuel your brain and body to function at its highest potential.  I’m on board.

Things I’ve noticed, you ask?  Well, I talked with David about it before I started writing.  He and I both noticed much improved sleep.  He has always struggled with waking up around 2 and finding it very difficult to get back into deep sleep.  This week he has slept better than he has in months.  Same for me.  Great sleep, lots of dreams, wake feeling completely rested and ready to go.

We have both had a decrease in appetite.  I have been eating one larger meal early on then a smaller meal/snack in the afternoon. I’ve not been super strict about intermittent fasting.  I eat when I’m hungry and shut it down when I’m done.  I end up typically going anywhere from 15-19 hours fasting.  I have no desire to snack or graze throughout the day.  I am truly satiated and totally satisfied.  A key in this process has been to recognize true hunger cues verse just being bored and wanting to eat something.  I used to plan my next meal in the middle of eating another. This week my thoughts have centered more around the fact that I’m not hungry.  I haven’t thought about what I’m eating next, but rather, “Man, this is crazy!  I’m truly not hungry!”

My sweet tooth is not totally gone yet, although it has decreased tremendously.  Today is a bit harder than the previous 3 days.  I have been super busy, but today has been a lazy day.  I always go to the gym on Sunday afternoons, but I’m nursing a little muscle thing in my right quad.  I’m trying to be smart and not injure myself further, but being out of my routine is making me want to self-sooth with sweets.  I’m learning to recognize triggers and deal with them accordingly.  Incidentally, my house is now super clean.  That’s me dealing.

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